Re-posted from BIO BUZZ – Help BIO Spread the Word About Your Research!

Interested in sharing your research to a broader scientific community? The Directorate for Biological Sciences (BIO) wants to help communicate your publications. See below for a great opportunity, re-posted from the Office of the Assistant Director’s blog BIO BUZZ:

 Help BIO spread the word about your research!

Every PI knows that disseminating data is an essential part of the scientific process. From publishing manuscripts to presenting at meetings, a project’s biggest impacts only come after it has been shared. Promoting new discoveries and cutting-edge research throughout the general public is equally as critical as dissemination within the scientific community – and that’s where we need your help.

The quickest way for NSF to receive notice of an upcoming publication is for PIs to let their Program Officer know directly when a manuscript has been accepted for publication. We are interested in hearing about all BIO-funded research so we can share it in the form of press releases, stories pitched to major media outlets, NSF Discoveries, videos, radio features and more.

Ideally, we want to learn about upcoming publications shortly after they have been accepted. This allows us to prepare press releases or pitch the story to media outlets early enough to release them as soon as your manuscript is published. When you learn of an accepted publication that you think NSF would want to publicize, please send your Program Officer the following information:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Journal Title
  • Publication date (or if publication date is unavailable, the acceptance date)

Though we will not be able to share all of the research that is sent to us, we appreciate your help in sharing your work with audiences that might not otherwise hear about the exciting discoveries NSF-funded researchers are making every day. Thank you!

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