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For information on changes to New Registrations and Account Management Systems for FastLane and, see below.

New System for NSF IDs – everyone’s doing it

Do you have more than one NSF ID? Do you just make yourself a new user profile when you move to a new institution? All of that is about to change. Check out the information below on the migration of all existing users to a new system (and how to register for an NSF ID, if you don’t already have one). This includes PIs and Authorized Organizational Representative (AORs).

Changes to New Registrations and Account Management Systems for FastLane and
• Effective March 26, 2018, the new Account Management system will provide each new user with a single profile and unique identifier (i.e., NSF ID) for proposal and award activities. All existing users will migrate to the new system.

The New Account Management System:
• Allows users to create and self-manage accounts, including personal information and role requests;
• Allows administrators to focus on managing roles for their organizations through a dashboard with functions to approve, disapprove, assign, and remove roles; and
• Enables migration for existing NSF account holders, including and Application Submission Web Service (ASWS) users, to the new system through a simple, one-time operation. When initially signing in to FastLane or, account holders will be required to verify their personal information before it can be transferred it to the new system. Each user will have just one NSF ID per the Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (NSF 18-1), Chapter I.G.4.

Helpful Links:
This page has video tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions about the changes.
• Users with existing NSF accounts can access the NSF ID Lookup page for their NSF ID. Forgotten passwords for established NSF accounts may be retrieved here.
• New users will now be able to register directly with NSF through via this link:

Notes About and ASWS (From the info page):
• The Principal Investigator (PI), all co-PIs, and the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) listed on a proposal must all be registered with NSF prior to proposal submission. NSF IDs for the PI, all co-PIs, and the AOR listed will need to be included in the proposal submission.

Registration Requirements for Organizations:
• Organizations new to NSF will also register via the Account Management system in
• New organizations will be able to register directly with NSF through via this link:
• Before a new organization can register with NSF, it must first be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM; and have a data universal numbering system (DUNS) number.
• Organizations not already registered with NSF should be aware that completion of the SAM registration process could take up to two weeks.
• Note that the vast majority of universities are already registered with NSF via FastLane.


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