The Division of Biological Infrastructure (DBI) envisions a robust and resilient national infrastructure that advances fundamental biological research to transform our future.  To realize our vision, we invest in the innovation and capacity-building of cutting-edge research infrastructure for fundamental biological science that includes human capital, technologies, institutes and centers, and mid-to-large scale facilities.

DBI Cluster Descriptions:

Human Resources Cluster

Research Resources Cluster

BIO Centers, Facilities, and Additional Research Infrastructure Cluster (CFARI)

Funding Opportunities Information:

To discover more information about DBI’s programs, please view our website click “Programs” in the left navigation bar.

For information about active DBI funding opportunities including cross-directorate and NSF-wide activities, such as those DBI oversees for BIO (e.g., ADVANCE, NSF INCLUDES, the NSF Research Traineeship Program, the Graduate Research Fellowships program, and the Major Research Instrumentation program), please view our website and click “Funding” in the left navigation bar.

For “Dear Colleague Letters,” information about supplements, and BIO’s guidance on data management plans, please view our website and click “Additional Resources” in the left navigation bar.

Contact Us:

General questions may be directed to our main office phone number: (703) 292-8470. Specific DBI staff members may be contacted via email, please see our staff directory: http://www.nsf.gov/staff/staff_list.jsp?org=DBI&from_org=DBI.

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